Deleting your account will:

  • Delete your account on Marco Polo, including your last name, profile picture, and email
  • Remove you from any Groups or Sharecasts you’ve joined
  • Delete any Seconds you created
  • Prevent your friends from sending Polos to you on Marco Polo

Before you go! IMPORTANT TO KNOW:

Deleting your account will not automatically delete any Polos you've sent or Sharecasts created. If you'd like to delete a Sharecast or Polos you've sent, you should do that before deleting your account. You can request deletion of all your sent Polos and account information, including your first and last name, profile picture, and email, by emailing You can delete your Sharecast by selecting the three dots to the right of your Sharecast name on the homescreen, and selecting “Delete.” For more information, see our Privacy Policy and the Delete Polos FAQ.

Deleting your account will not automatically delete any subscription you have, like Marco Polo Plus. This is because your subscriptions were purchased through the App Store or Google Play. You can delete your subscription before deleting your account through the App by going to Settings, then tapping “Plus Subscription,” then “Manage Subscription.” You can also delete your subscription directly through the App Store or Google Play Store.

To verify you're the owner of this account, input the phone number associated with your Marco Polo account. We'll send you a new text verification code to enter below. Once your account is deleted we can't undo it.

Thank you for your time with us.


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